Allentown, PA Drone Aerial Photography

At AUV Snap we proudly service the Allentown, PA & surrounding areas with drone aerial photography and videography. We have the experience and team to provide high resolution photos and / or videos. On top of this, we can edit the photos and videos for you and provide you with a completed packaged ready to use as you need, or we can provide you with the raw photos and / or videos for you to edit yourself, or to use and editor of your choice.

Common Drone Aerial Photo Services

  • Exterior aerial photos of a building
  • Exterior elevated photos or videos of a building, property, or asset
  • Aerial photos of a plot of land
  • Orthomosaic imaging (can be hundreds of GPS tracked photos stitched together to create one high resolution photo of a large area)
  • Visual inspections or photos / videos of hard to reach areas on a property or building
  • Agricultural photography / videography
  • 360° panoramic images of a location
  • + more