Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography & Videography Services

At AUV Snap we have extensive experience when it comes to drone real estate photography. We can get amazing angles, capturing the building, structure, or lot in a way that explains and showcases the property. We can also add enhancements to the images and/or video(s) to show street names, local businesses and virtually any other feature that would need to be showcased.

All of our photos and videos are taken with top of the line equipment and can be enhanced, edited, and staged upon request.

We also provide full photo services, if you need street level or interior photos, we can provide that as well.

Common Commercial Real Estate Drone Services

  • 360° panoramic images (can also be used on Google Street View to update outdated panoramic images)
  • Extensive photography
  • Videography
  • Custom branded photos and/or videos
  • Map overlay
  • Business logo overlay
  • Neighborhood stats overlay
  • Logo overlay and custom branding
  • Photo enhancing
  • Photo staging
  • Orthomosaic imaging (ultra high definition image made up of multiple images, typically used for inspections and planning)
  • Property outlining or highlighting
  • Image collage for promotional purposes
  • Street level photos
  • + much more

We can create virtually anything that you might need, get in touch with us today if you have a custom project you’re looking to complete or if you have any questions.

[pano file=”drone-panoramics/pano-street-bustelton.jpg”]