Drone Roof Inspections

At UAV Snap, we offer full service drone roof inspections. From high resolution photos and/or videos, to an orthomosaic image of the entire roof. Our drone roof inspection services can provide a full, high resolution view of virtually any and every essential aspect of the roof over your home or business. Drone roof inspections can save time, money and reduce the risk of someone physically having to go onto the roof to visually inspect it or to take pictures or videos the traditional way.

Common Reasons for a Drone Roof Inspection:

Home or business owner was told they needed a new roof or that their roof needed repairs

It’s common practice that when a home or business nearby is having a new roof installed or roof repairs done, companies will go to properties nearby that may need a new roof of repairs and offer their services. A lot of times, the home or business owner feel more comfortable seeing for themselves to verify that their roof is in need of being replaced or repaired. This is where our drone roof inspection service can be of service.

After a heavy storm has passed through the area

If a heavy storm has passed through your area and you want to verify the condition of your roof, a drone is a great way to accomplish this. The drone roof inspection can provide views of areas of the roof that can’t be seen from the ground, all while limiting the risk of physically going onto your roof to inspect it. Our drone roof inspections can also gather large amounts of data in a short period of time and can even collect high-resolution images and / or video of multiple properties that a storm has passed over, all in the same session.

Gathering roofing quotes quotes

If you are in the process of getting quotes and information from roofing contractors, having high-resolution photos and / or videos of your roof can really help you make the process faster and more efficient. Images and/or videos of your roof, along with measurements of the roof can be easily included in an email or text message to a roofing contractor. This allows you to have the information that is needed for a quote from a roofing contractor ready and available. You can send this information to multiple contractors at once to make the quoting and vetting process easier and more straightforward.

For Insurance Requirements

If you’ve recently opened a claim with your insurance provider and they are requesting images of the damage to your roof or siding, we can provide high-resolution imaging and/or video of the damages areas that are apart of the claim