Allentown, PA Drone Roof Inspections

At AUV Snap we proudly serve the Allentown, PA & surrounding areas with drone roof inspection services. Whether you are looking to visually inspect your roof yourself without having to climb onto the roof, or if you are looking to gather data and images of your roof in order to expedite the process of getting quotes from roofing contractors, we can help in almost any case.

Common Drone Roof Inspection Services

  • High resolution images and / or videos for general visual inspection
  • High resolution images and / or videos for help with getting quotes from contractors
  • Services for roofing contractors to help streamline the quoting process (of one property, or multiple properties in a single session)
  • Gathering measurements and other relevant data on a roof, alongside high resolution images and / or videos
  • Orthomosaic imaging (consists of manny GPS marked images that are stitched together to create one very large, high resolution image) which is great for larger roofs like warehouses, shopping centers, shopping malls, etc.
  • Visual inspections after a strong storm has passed through the area
  • Inspection media that can be used for insurance claims
  • + much more


There is a lot we can do at UAV Snap to help you when it comes to roof inspections, if you have any questions, please reach out to us and we can help.